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  • Daniel Palese ’11

MMC alumnus Daniel Palese ’11, a graduate of the musical theater program, will act as musical director and guitarist for “Obsessed: Alanis Morisette” which will take place virtually on Zoom at 9:30 pm on August 14th.

Starring Tony Award winner and singer-songwriter Lena Hall, “Obsessed” is a series of concerts dedicated to one artist each month, with songs performed entirely acoustically. This month focuses on Alanis Morissette, and attendees can expect to hear songs throughout her career, ranging from Little jagged pill until his last album, All the pretty things.

“The MMC community can look forward to an evening of incredible vocal talent from Lena in addition to her unique and engaging presence on a Zoom concert format,” said Palese. “She interacts with members of the audience either through direct conversation or by prompting them to take polls in which they can monitor the musical aspects of the show, such as the songs she might sing next.”

Palese is a certified music therapist, small business owner and children’s musician who operates under the name “Dan the Music Man”. In addition to performing, Palese offers music and movement classes for young children and their families. Now adding Music Director to his roster of professions, Palese notes that working on “Obsessed” during the COVID-19 pandemic has been an unexpected resource of strength and creativity.

“Like all of us, the pandemic has radically changed the way I work,” says Palese. “I’m relatively new to home recording and had to buy myself an audio interface to be able to record music. I never would have believed that not only would I meet but also collaborate with one of my favorite actors / musicians, especially during a pandemic. Recording music for Lena Hall is a surreal and creatively satisfying experience.

In overcoming the challenges of the pandemic, Palese credits his experience to the MMC Musical Theater program for teaching him ingenuity and self-representation.

“Although the title of Music Director is fairly new to me, my experience in the musical theater program at Marymount has always shaped my approach to my work. I remember the many student-led productions where we had the opportunity to create our own space for our voice, and how I learned to communicate clearly in a collaborative environment. I also learned from many musical directors, like Professor Christine Riley. My time at MMC taught me not only to arrange songs in musically interesting ways, but to operate from a perspective that always puts the singer at the center of the song.

Interested in attending the virtual concert? Tickets are now available for purchase.

Congratulations on this exciting opportunity, Daniel!

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