Caltech Theater Arts presents FROM EARTH TO MOON New Musical Playback


From the authors of the musical Boldly Go! Comes a new sci-fi musical based on a Jules Verne classic: Theater Arts Caltech announces a virtual Earth to the Moon reading workshop!

The music playback will be broadcast one night on YouTube. Sign up at for the free performance and to receive a link for the Zoom Q&A live with the writers, director and cast after the show!

America, 1865. Original and adorable inventor JT Maston invites us on the greatest journey in human history. The Civil War is over, and the Union artillery designers and scientists from the Baltimore Gun Club who led the North to victory are on the lookout for a new venture. Maston’s best friend, the brilliant engineer Captain Barbicane, offers him a daring bet: build a colossal cannon and use it to launch the first projectile towards the Moon! Let yourself be drawn into your friends’ journey, following the daring mission from its inception, through its challenges, triumphs, dangers and exciting conclusion. Launch of gauntlets, headlines, engaged duels, alliances put to the test in this imaginary dynamic of space flights in the 19th century!Imagining a late 1800s that could have been, this explosive musical adaptation of From the Earth to the Moon calls us to turn our eyes and our efforts to create a better future for us all. It’s a story of timeless ideals, applied in the unique and timely framework of solving technological problems. It is a story of both the power and the pitfalls of ambition, the strength of friendship and reconciliation, the trials of love, the passion for truth and knowledge, and the eternal human need to go beyond the limits of the present, to break the limits of the possible and reach for the stars. This new musical was written by brothers Cole Remmen (UCSB PhD student, theater studies) and Grant Remmen (Caltech alum and theoretical physicist at KITP / UCSB), and is directed by Brian Brophy (director, Theater Arts Caltech).

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