Initiation or initiation? Photos of Rivers University theater arts students spark reactions


Photos of 100-level theater arts students at Rivers State University (RSU) at their induction ceremony have surfaced online and garnered mixed reactions.

In the now-viral photos, the students were seen dressed in different outfits during a candle-lit procession.

Some of the students were also seen with various parts of their bodies painted.

The viral photos continued to garner mixed reactions on social media platforms.

While some users argued that the students’ attires resembled those usually worn at an initiation ceremony, others lent their support to the initiative.

In a chat with TheCable Lifestyle on Friday, Origbenba Godprince Victor, chair of the institution’s theater arts department, said the ceremony took place on Wednesday.

According to him, the event is a normal tradition for the students of the department.

He said the ceremony was meant to “present our cultural heritage”, adding that the different attires represent different concepts.

“These are normal induction outfits. But for the sake of aesthetics and clarification, we created different outfits for different categories of people,” he said.

“Red signifies love, passion, courage and joy in theatre. Fertility dancers wore red and black with a calabash to show fertility.

“The white outfit symbolizes sunlight and the bright future and glorious opportunities that await a theater practitioner.

“It suggests unity and peace. It promotes love as well as the creative nature of the noble profession. It also shows the fullness and truthfulness of life (like the Ifa oracle of the Yoruba kingdom).

“The inductees were in white to represent normal theater culture.”

Below are photos of the induction ceremony:

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