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This week we have festival news for metalheads, dreamers and more. And we take a look back at some important musical icons with stories about Sublime’s 25th anniversary from her self-titled album, MTV’s 40th, and Greek Theater’s 90th (plus one).

Before I forget: One of the strangest festivals I have ever covered was Slipknot’s Knotfest in Devore. As the band brings the toured version of Knotfest to Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles in November, hopefully they leave the dead goat’s heads out of the Slipknot Museum installation this time around. See the lineup and find out how to get tickets.

A forecast filled with clouds: We already knew the Head in the Clouds Festival was moving to Pasadena and running for two days, but now we have the lineup, which includes Saweetie, Rich Brian, Joji, Niki, Japanese Breakfast and more. Get the ticket details and find out who else is on the bill.

ICYMI: In the last episode of Can’t Feel the Heat, we traveled back in time to Coachella 2008, when Huell Howser brought his “California’s Gold” program to the festival and he stepped into the “Steampunk Treehouse”. Check it out on Apple podcasts and Spotify.

What we have: When Sublime first started performing live, concert producers weren’t sure where to book the Long Beach band which combined punk, funk, ska, reggae and hip-hop. But once the band’s self-titled album came out, the band’s sound skyrocketed into mainstream audiences. Kelli Skye Fadroski takes you to a dive into one of Southern California’s most iconic albums, which turns 25 this week.

Bring them to Greek: The Greek Theater is finally reopening this weekend and will kick off its 90th late season with Joe Bonamassa. Kelli Skye Fadroski spoke with Bonamassa and other legends for a immerse yourself in the history of the emblematic place. Check the lineup of who plays Greek this season until there.

I want my MTV: MTV celebrated its 40th anniversary on August 1. We rewound the tapes in our heads and Peter Larsen compiled 40 of the most interesting facts in the history of the channel, from controversies to music to reality TV. I’m just sad that Jesse Camp was not on our list. However, our colleague Chuck Barney has find out how MTV paved the way for reality TV.

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