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Kolkata, April 29 (PTI) Veteran actor Mohan Agashe, who produced filmmaker Sumitra Bhave’s acclaimed Marathi film ‘Dithee’, has said that literature, film, theater and music are all linked to emotion .
In town for the screening of Dithee at the 27th Kolkata International Film Festival, Kaasav actor Doghi among others told a press conference here on Thursday that he wants to produce the unfinished screenplay of late Bhave.
He said the last unfinished screenplay was written by Bhave at his suggestion about the loneliness of elders and their outlook on life.
“We are currently in the process of putting things in place,” he added.
Agashe said that Sunil Sukthankar, having co-directed several projects with Bhave, including the national award-winning “Kaasav”, will complete the film while again donning the producer hat.
“When you collaborate with someone like her, you appreciate the other avatar as a producer,” Agashe commented of the late filmmaker.
Dithee tells the story of Ramji, a simple blacksmith from a small village who is a devotee of Lord Vitthal. For years he followed the Waarkari (a devotional sect) tradition of going on pilgrimage with thousands of other devotees. A tragic incident and his world collapses. Life finally offers Ramji a chance to see the non-duality of birth and death.
Referring to Dithee or Kaasav’s response at festivals, Agashe said in mainstream cinema shown in multiplexes the moment audiences know the movie is ending they leave the room, but it should have been as if the audience was glued to their seats until the credits. the lights go out.
To another question, he said that if the “director is bad, even the best actor” can’t save the movie.
“In my opinion, literature, cinema, theater and music are all related to emotion,” he signed. PTI SUS

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