Olympic Theater Arts hosts auditions for locally written plays


SEQUIM – Olympic Theater Arts is scheduling auditions from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday for the first annual showcase of new community theater works.

The showcase explores resilience with six unique 10-minute pieces commissioned by the community. It will run for a single weekend, July 16-18, and will be the first OTA show open to the general public since the start of the pandemic.

The audition will take place at the Arts Center at 414 N. Sequim Ave. in Sequim.

“This showcase aims to showcase the written voices of our community,” said Ginny Holladay, OTA Executive Director. “We’re looking for cast members who will lift those words off the page, in a highly collaborative and entirely original production.”

Listeners should be prepared to do cold readings during the audition and be prepared to make them available for rehearsals from June 11 to July 14. They should also be available for in-person reading from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. afternoon June 11.

Additionally, OTA is looking for people to complement the production team behind the scenes with costumes, sets, lights, sound, or other creative endeavors.

“We’re also hoping to find a small, well-trained jazz ensemble that can improvise to join the performance,” said Pete Griffin, Director of Marketing and Image.

These stories feature a wide range of characters, ranging in age from their early twenties to mid sixties:

• “Goodbye Cruel World,” by Susan Noyes – Two women make a suicide pact, but fate steps in. Director Kyle LeMaire takes on these roles:

– Pru (her / her), 60 years or older: Vicky’s best friend. Fiery and frank but united. Divorced and a little bitter.

– Vicky (her), 60 years or older: best friend of Pru. Father has just died; resentment because he had nothing left in the will.

– Chad (he / him), 25-35 years old: Broken, stressed and broken. Caring but cannot follow through on his actions.

“Dance your dance” by John Painter – A poignant comedy about five souls whose conversations in death reveal their perseverance in life. Director Christy Holy is in the cast of these roles:

– Arthur (he / him), late 1950s: Stockbroker.

– Jake (he / him), mid-thirties: war veteran. Uses a wheelchair, (looks for wheelchair users to fill this role).

– Ryan (he / him), mid-30s: Professional cyclist.

– Nancy (her), late forties: Mother; (trigger alert: this character is portrayed as a victim of domestic violence).

– Judy (her), in her fifties: dancer.

• “City of Sequim: Heart of Darkness and Lavender Capital of the World” by Gabriel Mills and Sarah Brabant – A satirical adventure through the city. Director Marissa Meek plays these roles, all of which can be cast as them or others:

– Chuck (he / him), 20 years or older. : Main anchor of the television with local access.

– Burt (he / him), all ages: Local access TV co-presenter. Also a tree (not a speaking role).

– Diana (she), 25 years old or more: Assistant town planner.

– God / David / Other voices (several genres): Concerned citizen / local restaurant entrepreneur / God as meteorologist / local astrologer / David Duchovney.

• “Joy of living,” by Suzanne Bailie – A dark comedy that explores how far humans will go to keep their zest for life in a future where they can live forever. Director Christy Holy is casting these roles:

– Tracy (gender neutral) all ages: enthusiastic and persevering saleswoman.

– Nova (she / she) is 250 years old but plays in her thirties: big-hearted, Dean’s partner.

– Dean (he / him) 200 years old but is in his thirties: Ready for a change, Nova partner.

• “I dance for purple”, by Aurora Lagattuta – An isolated woman finds freedom and connection through imagination, music and dance. Director Ginny Holladay plays these roles:

– Rosa (her), 40 years or more: Older woman who loves dance and poetry.

– Bucko (he / she / she / they / them), 20 years old or more: Bartender who knows less about dance.

– He (he / him), 18 years or more: Folds the laundry and falls in love while dancing.

– She (she) 18 or over: slips on her phone and falls in love while dancing.

• “In search of a heart”, by Jim Guthrie – This sweet and funny tale reminds us that our best heirlooms will live on in the hearts of others. Director Tia Stevens is in the cast of these roles:

– Irma (her), 50 years old or over: Deceased. Friend / foil of Lars. Talk a lot.

– Lars (he / him) 50 years or older. : Deceased. Concerned about the fate of his donated heart.

– Dick (he / him), any age: old fashioned detective type.

– Mrs. Puffery (her / her) / Nurse (she / she) / Receptionist (she / she) / Peggy (her / her), all ages: Several witty women with sharp tongues. Some are more useful than others.

– Peggy (her / her), 30 years or older: Fan of word games. Has a new heart.

Contact Olympic Theater Arts at olympictheatrearts.org or 360-683-7326 for more information.

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