| November 7: HOPE Theater Arts to host a live storytime event at Canyon Country


HOPE Theater Arts announced a live, in-person, free storytelling event on Sunday, November 7 at 2:30 p.m. at The Open Book in Canyon Country.

About the HOPE Storytime Event:

With stories for young and old, HOPE is pleased to present three stories:

Thank you, Sarah – The woman who saved Thanksgiving

– Pete The Cat – The First Thanksgiving

Fried Bread – A Native American Family Story

Tales will make you laugh, think, and look forward to the vacation we call “Thanksgiving”.

Hailey Tucker and Kimberly Claggett are co-directing Story Time for HOPE this year. Tucker says, “These stories each convey not only a fun educational aspect of Thanksgiving, but also the real heart behind the holidays. Even as an adult reading the stories for the first time, it left me filled with gratitude and deeper understanding. A really fun experience for the whole family.

About the stories:

Pete the cat-The first Thanksgiving: Kids love Pete because he’s groovy and blue. No matter where he goes, he always keeps his cool. But what will happen when he has to play the role of a pilgrim in the school play?

Thanks, Sarah, the woman who saved Thanksgiving: By the time skirts were long and hats tall, Americans had begun to forget about Thanksgiving. Fortunately, Sarah went on a mission to save the day.

Fry Bread-A Native American Family Story: This story is a beautiful representation of a modern Native American family. In the face of opposition, Fry Bread is a celebration of old and new, tradition and modern, similarity and difference. A message for all of us.

“Three great stories give us the opportunity to learn about forgotten but fundamental reasons to be oh, so grateful,” said Susan Fletcher, Founding Director of HOPE. “Betcha didn’t know Sarah Hale and the gift her daring bravery left us. Open your senses to the tradition of fried bread. Pete the cat? Well, who doesn’t love it ?! ”

The performance date is Sunday November 7 at 2:30 p.m. at The open book in the country of the canyon. The event is free (arrive early for a good seat) and marks the third year that HOPE has presented fun and meaningful stories to The Open Book as the holiday season approaches.

The Open Book is located at 19188 Soledad Canyon Road Santa Clarita, CA 91351.

On HOPE Theater Arts:

There is a wonderful line in the poetic tale The Little Prince, “The essential is invisible to the eyes” which translates to “The essential is invisible to the eye”. HOPE Theater Arts seeks to tell stories that encourage us to consider what is essential.

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